Using AI Tools to Clarify Ideas

GPT-3 and ChatGPT are AI language models found in writing assistant software such as chatbots and language assistant software. These technologies although disruptive are enormously useful. These AI tools can be used to clarify ideas and improve the writing process. It is being used in text completion, content generation, writing style transfer and writing suggestion.  

Surreptitious text completion has become near ubiquitous when doing searches on any of the top search engines. I find it useful in providing a starting point for writing in Gmail with its Smart Compose feature.  

Content Generation Software analyzes a users input such as keywords and phrases to generate content. This can provide a jumping on point to start the creative process and provide inspiration. Some examples of AI content generators are Jasper, Copysmith and Writesonic. It should be noted that content generation software has not limited itself only to the written word. There are software that can produce images and videos such as Midjourney and Bleuwillow.  

One of the more interesting capabilities of AI writing is its ability to transfer writing styles. Given a piece of text, the meaning is kept but the style and or tone can be changed to match that of a particular author. Consider for a moment that the cadence of a particular author can applied to the text! The tone of a body of text can be written-to reflect academic, business, legal or an informal work. AI will be our tool to  work through the iterative process of producing content that reflects the meaning, mood or tone desired by the author.  

GPT-3 and ChatGPT are the talk of the town at the moment but they exist many such similar tools. Tools that offer us the possibility to work quickly through our jumble of thoughts and produce something coherent in less time. They can make the writing process more enjoyable through text completion, content generation, writing style transfer, or suggestion. It worth the time to look at these tools to see how they can help you improve your work.  


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